Dentures are a dental solution when a patient is missing several or all of their natural teeth.  They have flexibility in that a patient may remove them or wear them as they please, and are an affordable alternative to implants. Dentures can replace missing teeth on a complete arch (complete denture), or just a few teeth (partial denture).

If a complete denture is the right choice for you, you can expect to visit our office for a few different appointments while we work with our lab partners to fabricate the most ideal fit and design of the denture for you. Often times the process begins with an initial impression appointment, followed by one or two try-in appointments, and finishes with the final delivery.

Dentures can take some time to get used to, especially the base of the denture that adheres to the palate and the gums. They can also feel loose and require a procedure called a reline. Rest assured, with time and patience your dentures can be adjusted to ensure the highest possible level of comfort for this type of procedure!

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